The future of America? Just trust Dr. House

The future of America? Just trust Dr. House

Now that we’re well into March, President Barack Obama’s new administration is busy making all sorts of new and controversial decisions about everything from the economy to stem cell research.

The team got off to somewhat of a rough start, having several unfilled cabinet positions well into February and some controversy attached to some of the nominees. But that whole mess is all in the past.

I can honestly say that I supported Obama in his campaign for president and I think he’s doing a great job so far. But as we all know, politics is a living, breathing beast. So it’s never too early to start thinking about the next campaign season and election. Mark this on your calendars people: Tuesday November 6, 2012 is the date of the next presidential election. That’s right! We’re less than 1,350 days away from picking a new leader for our country (or sticking with the same guy). That means that the always-important Iowa Caucuses will be happening even sooner!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future lately, and in that spirit, I’ve got a person in mind who I think would make a great candidate for President of the United States. Stay with me now. This is going to get interesting…

Why not pick a wild card? A fresh, new face. Someone you’d never expect. Someone like Gregory House, MD, from “House.” You all know who I’m talking about. He’s that misanthropic, stubborn, irascible and cantankerous old guy that, with the help of his team, saves lives every week at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital on the Fox network. Did I forget to mention he’s also a bit controversial at times as well?

Sure he’s a grouch, but let’s face it, he gets things done, albeit in a fashion that some people think is absolutely insane. But he’s good at his job. He doesn’t let people push him around or compromise his views on the way the world should work. That’s the kind of person we need running things.

Is there an argument on the Senate floor over a spending bill? How about a debate concerning health care funding for families or money for education. He’d probably march right in and start ranting and raving about how petty those types of debates can get, expounding on how much suffering there is. Then he’d come up with a radical solution to the problem that, as crazy as it would sound, would probably work.

And of course there’s the issue of his use (or misuse) of prescription pain killers. Honestly, I’m willing to look past that. He seems to be functioning pretty well on or off his pain meds, and let’s face it people, he has a bum leg. You can’t criticize a guy for having a bum leg.

Let’s talk about a few key members of his administration. There’d surely be a cabinet position for Dr. Cuddy. Dr. Wilson could be a great candidate for vice president. Who knows, maybe House would be just crazy enough to pick his ex-wife to be his legal counsel.

If House was running, he’d have my vote. If not, I’d settle for another four years with Barack Obama.