How to: Get over being shy

How to: Get over being shy

by Rachel GullNews Editor

Being shy is something we all struggle with. You get all flustered when you try to talk to that cute guy in bio. You have trouble with public speaking.

Maybe you do things that are so embarrassing you want to join the Witness Protection Program to create an entirely new life where nobody remembers any of the mortifying things you’ve done. Unfortunately, they’ll likely refuse your application because your life isn’t actually in danger. They don’t seem to understand that your reputation is your life!

When the Witness Protection Program won’t come through and your world is ending, there are some things you can do to save yourself from a lifetime of humiliation and shyness.

Laugh it off.

When you mess up and do something totally humiliating, you immediately think everyone around you is judging you. In reality, we all have flaws, and the people around you could care less about you. They are more worried that you’ll notice the stupid things they’re doing.

So when your pants split and the cheer leading squad sees your underwear, don’t sweat it. Simply bow and joke about the cute cartoon animal pattern now displayed on your buttocks. This will give everyone a chance to laugh with you, and you will discover that you are more powerful than cartoon animals. Plus, you know someone has the same pair in a drawer at home! If you remember we’re all ridiculous, embarrassment is a thing of the past.

Give nicknames.

Nothing is worse than running into someone you know you know, but you don’t know how you know them, and you don’t know who they are. Plus, if the other person knows your name and your entire history together, you are at a complete disadvantage.

To even the odds, take a wild stab at what this random acquaintance’s name might be. Act very confident as you call this person “Sam.” If the person protests and angrily says his name is Peter or Josh or Marcus, tell him that of course you knew that. You just thought “Sam” would be a cute nickname for him. This will soften him up, and although you will now know his name, you will never need to remember it because you can henceforth call him “Sam.” Plus, this nickname will help him feel more connected to you, and he will assume that the two of you are tight.

Nicknames will also help you feel connected to people you don’t actually know. For instance, if someone does something noticeable and you wish to refer to them in future conversations, create a nickname for them. The nickname should identify them without actually using their name and the nickname could involve the memorable thing they’ve done. Referring to people as “Captain Crunch Boy” and the “Sexy Can I Twins” will help you identify interesting people without having to worry about their names.


People love to dance, but most are too chicken to dance alone. If you are feeling particularly shy, the only thing that will help is dancing. It is impossible to be shy when you are shaking your groove thang.

You can dance no matter where you are. Stand on a table in Pfeiffer and tap dance. Grab random passersby and make them swing dance with you in the Circle of Knowledge. Dance on the fifty-yard line of the football field and do the splits in the middle of soccer practice. Whatever you do, people will admire you.

To get over shyness, you’ve got to understand that if you think you’re cool, everyone else will too. Once that’s settled, the world is yours and you can be free to be ridiculous.