FlipSide Face- Clinton Bradfield

FlipSide Face- Clinton Bradfield

Senior biochemistry major Clinton Bradfield has gained a lot of academic praise since coming to Simpson College.

Bradfield’s outstanding academic performance, and work in the lab has made him a very familiar face in Carver and has led to his acceptance into very prestigious post-graduate programs in biochemistry.

“As of this instance, I have declined several offers, leaving me with the decision of either going to Yale or the University of Iowa in their respective microbiology programs,” Bradfield said. “I know it sounds like an odd coupling, but each location has different pros and cons.”

Bradfield, originally from Essex, Iowa, says that he describes himself as driven, awesomely geeky and nerdy, and cynical, a sentiment to which his classmates and professors agree.

“He’s fantastic,” said Jeff Parmelee, associate professor of biology. “He is like having a colleague in the lab.”

Bradfield is also known for helping fellow students to understand difficult concepts and lab procedures.

“He’s very interested in helping others,” said Amy Doling, assistant professor of biology. “He wants an ‘A’ but he wants to bring everyone else with him.”

Outside of the science department, Bradfield says that Allison Wolf, assistant professor of philosophy, is one of his favorite professors.

“I took philosophy of science with Dr. Wolf and I found it to be one of the most enlightening and practical classes I’ve taken,” Bradfield said. “Dr. Wolf is open to ideas and likes students to present their different perspectives in class, which facilitates new thought and learning across the board.”

While Bradfield has ruled out the option of an educator for his future, he is still a bit unsure as to where he would like to end up.

“Right now I think I’d like to work in vaccine development; however, running my own lab would be fun too,” Bradfield said.

While Bradfield’s studies and involvement as a senior senator on the Student Government Association, member of the biology fraternity Beta Beta Beta and member of the Pre-Health Society take up much of his time, he does enjoy any down-time he can get.

“I like to hang out with the guys, play video, card and board games, go camping and fishing, rollerblade and play basketball, even though I’m terrible at it,” Bradfield said.

As Bradfield continues on from Simpson, whichever post-graduate program that he decides on, he leaves he fellow students with a little bit of advice.

“Each decision a person makes comes with sacrifices, but for each person, the right decision is different,” Bradfield said. “My advice would be to make decisions for yourself, otherwise you’ll never really know who you are.”