Campus elects new members into SGA

by Alicia CarloStaff Writer

Student Government Association elections recently took place and new members officially transitioned into their new offices Wednesday, April 8.

The newly elected members of SGA include Drew Riebhoff, Student Body President and Macy Koch, student body vice president. Class president for the seniors is Bailey Harris and Laura Reid is the junior class president. Tyson Wirtz was elected as sophomore class president.

The representatives for the upcoming senior class include current juniors Allison Lane, Jamie Corey, Lucas Mihalovich and Amanda Yanchury.

Representatives for the junior class include sophomores Greg Rhoulhac, Lara Roy, Amanda Fichter and Chris Richert as senators.

The sophomore class will be represented by freshmen Joseph Sorenson, Hannah Patrick, Paul Salais and Janine Kobylinski.

The election process is fairly simple. The students fill out a form indicating which position they are interested in running for. The positions include student body president, student body vice president, class president or one of four senator positions under each class. Each class then votes electronically for their class president and senators, along with student body president and student body vice president.

Yanchury is a returning member to SGA and is excited to be back in a senate seat. She’s currently spending the semester in Washington, D.C., and was a little worried about being able to get the votes she needed to return to SGA.

“I hoped everyone would see my semester here as gaining real-world political experience and would excuse my absence,” Yanchury said. “It looks like it worked out alright!”

After three years of being in the senate, she still looks forward to everything SGA does.

“I decided to run again for SGA because I feel like the SGA has become a very goal-oriented, efficient governing body, and I wanted to continue to be a part of it,” Yanchury said. “Also, I want to have the chance to pass on everything I have learned when it comes to the Internal Affairs Committee.”

Another long term member of SGA is back. Junior Allison Lane will be a senior class senator and is looking forward to the changes they can make.

“It’s something I definitely wanted to stay involved with, and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity,” Lane said. “Senate has come a long way since my freshman year and I am looking forward to seeing what we can do in the upcoming year. There are a lot of changes happening around campus and I hope we can make sure the students’ voices are heard.”

The new SGA will carry on many of the projects from this past year, as well as implementing new ones. Efforts will be made to continue the progress on wireless internet for the entire campus, energy efficiency and many other issues.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how this SGA will function as compared to my three other years on Senate,” Yanchury said. “We have some great representatives all across the board and I think we will get a lot done next year. The new energy that comes with a newly elected Senate will propel us into a great semester.”