All but funny from Bullock and Cooper

by Steve LovittStaff Writer

On Sept. 4, the movie “All About Steve” was released into theaters with Sandra Bullock (Mary) starring as a loony crossword puzzle designer seeking the unreciprocated love of her co-star, Bradley Cooper (Steve), who is a CNN cameraman. This romantic comedy was unfortunately not quite what I expected from two of the summer’s biggest comedy stars.

The movie begins with Mary and Steve going on a blind date set up by some of their close friends. From the moment Mary lays her eyes on Steve she feels a connection, but unfortunately, Steve does not feel the same about her.

After the date is over, Steve takes Mary home and expects it to be the last time that he sees her, but he is sadly mistaken.

Mary begins to travel across the country in search of her true love to convince him that they are meant to be together.

Mary follows Steve to several media events he is covering and a string of unfortunate but funny events happen in her quest for Steve.

Steve tries endlessly to convince Mary that it was just one date and that his feelings aren’t mutual. As the movie progresses, he finds himself falling for her and her crazy antics.

As for fans’ thoughts on the movie, many had the same opinion. This wasn’t one of Bullock’s or Cooper’s best films, but it didn’t make fans think any less of them as actors.

At times it was funny, but the majority of those scenes were in the commercials everyone saw on television.

Some fans had a few positive comments about the film, saying that the quirky and different personality portrayed by Bullock is something that we should all take a closer look at and exhibit in our own lives.

Maybe we shouldn’t conform to the social norms of society and being different is okay.

If you’re looking for a good movie to sit at home on a Friday or Saturday night and fall asleep to, then this would be the perfect movie. As for spending an outrageous amount of money for a movie ticket to see this, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Underneath the less than humorous moments is an excellent moral message to be yourself regardless of what others think.

Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress, and Bradley Cooper is hilarious in some of his other movies like “The Hangover,” but this was not one of their best movies. I would give it two and a half stars.