Eduardo Magalhaes III

Eduardo Magalhaes III

by Victoria JonesStaff Writer

If you think that the legend of Eddie Magic started here at Simpson College then you are sadly mistaken.

Political Science Professor Eduardo Magalhaes has heard many versions of how his nickname originated.

It all began long ago in a high school debate class. Magalhaes was running for Student Council President at the time. His friends decided that his full name, Eduardo Magalhaes III, was too long.

“We didn’t have hallways long enough for that banner,” Magalhaes joked.

Then a friend suggested Eddie Magic, which seemed to fit with his name.

“Eddie Magic for Student Council President” was much more reasonable for a banner, Magalhaes said.

After that, the nickname stuck, and he went by Eddie Magic or The Magic.

Little to his knowledge Eddie Magic would follow him to college and beyond. Two of his high school friends went to the same college with him, Monmouth College in Illinois. He also had a t-shirt with his nickname on the back.

About 10 years ago, Magalhaes shared this story with a May Term class, not thinking anything of it. They had gotten on the subject of nicknames and he shared his.

Nick Proctor, associate professor of history and chair of the History Department, said he has had students come to register for classes and ask to be placed in a certain section of “Eddie Magic’s class.”

Magalhaes had no idea that all of this had been going on for all of those years, but does admit that it is not as bad as some other nickname he could have.

“I can’t imagine why since my name is so easy to pronounce,” Magalhaes said. He laughs at the fact that the students think they are the ones who came up with it.