Whalen family honored for service to school

by Cint HutchcroftStaff Writer

Simpson College alumnus Jeremy Whalen was honored last Saturday with an initiation into the Simpson College Hall of Fame.

“I played three years at Simpson College and it is exciting to think of my face up there on the wall,” said Whalen, a physical education teacher at Irving Elementary School and an assistant football and wresting coach for Indianola High School.

Whalen’s recognition comes from when his college career at Simpson in 1996, 1997 1998. He earned first team All-American honors in football during 1997. In wrestling, Whalen was a two-time Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Champion in wrestling and place sixth and the national wrestling tournament in 1997.

Whalen’s father, Denny Whalen, was also honored at the ceremony. Denny Whalen received the Dick Buxton Award of Community Service. The award celebrates individuals for commitment to the college’s athletic department and loyalty to the school.

“The Whalens will always be close friends of the college.” Athletic Director John Sirianni said.

Denny Whalen graduated from Simpson in 1975 and was active in track and football. Jane Whalen Denny’s wife and Jeremy’s mother, graduated from Simpson’s evening graduate program.

“Denny and Jane are supporters of the department,” Sirianni said.

The Whalens have been known to donate not only their time and knowledge to the department, but also help with donations, publicity and committee-work, such as helping to organize Wayne Carse Golf Classic.

Recently, the family donated the Whalen Gateway to the Bill Buxton Stadium to the college.

“The Whalen Arch has a plaque on the entrance declaring how much the college values the services the Whalen’s have given to us,” Sirianni said.