Come sail away with me?

Come sail away with me?

by Kristin SimpsonSports Editor

This is a tribute. Can you guess to whom?

I wanna find me a pirate ship.

Sail the earth away.

You can’t run forever, Jacky. But who’s to say you can’t try? Come sail with me?

I want to voyage the oceans blue, discover a new species and sunken treasure. Leave the world behind and grab the wheel. Wherever the wind blows, I go.

X marks the spot. Come sail with me?

Check your inhibitions at the plank. You refuse to contract the muscles to avoid the pain. Well, there’s no pain on my pirate ship. Only a lust for no rules and the open swells, the wind on my face and the spray of the sea.

By the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs. Come sail with me?

Is it a dead man’s chest? Am I at world’s end? More like wit’s end. Tortuga is calling, and I’ve never been to Singapore.

Davy Jones is a-knocking at my door. Come sail with me?

There’s one escape door, and that’s actually a floating wood box. Life gets rough, but the waves keep rolling. The salmon still journey and the sperm whales still dive. Dive, dive to the depths.

All I need is a couple of sea turtles. Come sail with me?

Simple. The same route, the same spawning grounds every year. The East Australian Current always flows the same way. No tough decisions. It’s you, your prey and your predators, unless you’re a killer whale. Few lemons get thrown and curveballs cease to exist. Turmoil? See underwater volcano.

Bubbles! Come sail with me?

You decide where to go. The helm is at your command. Sure, the weather is up for grabs, but strike a deal with Tia Dalma and you’ve got it made, so long as you don’t rip out your heart.

I’ll even buy you a hat, a really big one. Come sail with me?

Let’s tie some knots and mop some decks. The canons need loaded and the guns made ready. Sounds nice, huh. You always know what needs to be done. The only thing worth debating is your heading, and they make broken compasses for that.

It’s just good business. Come sail with me?

But maybe we’ll get bored? Maybe we’ll miss the chaos? Well, maybe. For life doesn’t come easy, and colossal squid are hard to find. Going from down in the dumps to down in the gallows is no easy transition.

Dramamine, anyone? Come sail with me?

The escape hatchet is gleaming, with neon colors and flashing lights. But looks can be deceiving.

The sea can be cruel and you can only best the kraken for so long. And what will you do when you’ve exhausted your options? You can only leave Captain Jack Sparrow behind once.

Hoist the colors. Come sail with me?

Maybe I’ll just stay dry, keep my feet on the ground. The life of a pirate sounds right for me, but maybe it truly is about the climb. [Maybe Miley was right?!] Take the small breaks as you need them, but don’t sail into the maelstrom, for only one fate awaits you there. Hang in there, land dweller, and we’ll ride off into the sunset together.

The song’s been sung. Come sail with me?