FlipSide Face-Parul Mathur

by Bailey HarrisStaff Writer

Parul Mathur, assistant professor of economics, hasn’t been at Simpson College long, but she does have high hopes for the future.

Originally from India, where she achieved her undergraduate and masters degrees, Mathur moved to Houston in 2004 to earn her Ph.D. and teach economics.

She was drawn to Simpson because of the small size, the appealing campus and the close community in which she would be able to get to know her students well.

“I just want to have a wonderful relationship with my students and see that they do well and they enjoy the class. That’s my only purpose,” Mathur said.

Mathur is teaching four courses this semester; including Economics 101, Economic Development, and International Trade and Finance. She expects that her students come in with a positive attitude and try to enjoy themselves in each of her courses.

“I try and have a very relaxed atmosphere so they can participate – so they don’t feel a distance between the student and the teacher,” Mathur said.

Mathur isn’t the only one who can see potential in the coming year.

Colleague Jim Palmieri, professor of economics, considers her a promising addition to the Simpson faculty.

“Professor Mathur was chosen for Simpson because she is an outstanding and extremely gifted professor who cares about her students,” Palmieri said. “She works hard and wants her students to see the importance of economics in their daily lives.”

When she’s not busy focusing on students and economics, Mathur enjoys running, swimming and singing – a talent she got from her mother, who is a classical singer in India.

Mathur just began her career at Simpson this August and is eager to work on improving her teaching skills and getting to know her students as she looks forward to an exciting and promising year.