“New Moon” worth the hype

New Moon worth the hype

by Sam DeardenStaff Writer

The film “New Moon,” the sequel to the hit movie, “Twilight” lives up to all of the surrounding hype.

It has plenty of scenes with shirtless boys and several lines that would make any girl melt, cold-blooded vampire or not.

This movie includes a lot of the same characters as the first. There is Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a sullen vampire who is a ‘vegetarian’ of sorts; he and his family do not suck the blood of humans. Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) is an Indian boy who lives on a reservation near Forks, Wash. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) also lives in Forks and is woo-ed by both of these guys throughout the course of the movie.

“New Moon” opens with Edward and Bella dating and shows them as she celebrates her birthday. At a party at the Cullen house, Bella cuts her finger on a piece of wrapping paper and bleeds.

Although the family has sworn not to treat humans unfairly, one of Edward’s brothers leaps for Bella. A few days after, Edward tells her it is not safe for them to be together and that he is going away. Forever. She lapses into sort of a semi-conscious state of depression at this news for several months. Then, on a trip to town for some shopping with a friend, Bella sees Edward in her mind when she’s about to do something dangerous. She then tries to do the most dangerous things possible to see him again.

This is where Jacob Black comes in. Bella utilizes his mechanic skills to help her build two motorcycles. The minute they are finished, she rides off, crashes and hits her head on some rocks.

With all the time Bella and Jacob are spending together, it’s obvious that they will end up having feelings towards each other. As the movie goes on, they get closer and closer until one day Bella comes to the reservation and Jacob tells her he doesn’t want to see her again because she will get hurt.

It is almost the same scene as a few months prior with Edward and Bella. She eventually finds out that Jacob is a werewolf and we are introduced to three more werewolf boys who are part of his pack.

This is an exciting time in the movie as the werewolves don’t wear shirts and you’re able to see their perfectly sculpted six-packs.

Still continuing on the dangerous path, Bella throws herself off a cliff to see if Edward will save her. Jacob does instead. When Bella returns to her house, she meets Edward’s sister, Alice (Ashley Greene), who can see into the future. Alice sees Bella’s plunge into the water.

She doesn’t see the girl get rescued, however. Edward, thinking that Bella is dead, goes to Italy to die at the hands of the evil vampires, the Volturi. Alice and Bella go to save him.

Overall, while it has a better plot and a few less cheesy lines as the first “Twilight” movie, this would be a good movie to go to with your girlfriends. That way you can squeal and act like a 12-year-old all you want without running the risk of your boyfriend getting jealous at you swooning over Taylor Lautner’s abs.