Who deserves the Heisman?

by Amy JohnsonStaff Writer

So far, senior Tim Tebow has lived up to the hype. He’s led his Florida Gators to a perfect regular season.

He’s an icon – a college quarterback who has gained celebrity-like status all over the country. He’s already got one Heisman Trophy under his belt, why not add another?

He’s solid. In Tebow’s last regular season game against Florida State, he went out in style, completing 17-of-21 for a total of 221 yards with three touchdowns. Tebow rushed for 95 yards and two touchdowns. By racking up 11,389 total yards as a Gator, Tebow broke former Florida quarterback Chris Leak’s SEC record in total yards.

He’s done it once before, he can do it again. As a sophomore in 2007, Tebow walked away with the Heisman Trophy. Now in 2009, he finds himself in the same position. Being acknowledged for the award three years is an accomplishment itself; winning once and being a serious contender for two years is unbelievable.

He’s consistent. . It’s a new year. He’s worked just as hard for his numbers as any other Heisman Trophy candidate. He’s reliable. In week four, Tebow was leveled by Kentucky defensive end Taylor Wyndham, and he ended up in the hospital with a bad concussion. Yet when the Gators returned to action two weeks later, Tebow was there to lead his team to a victory over then fourth-ranked LSU.

He’s a veteran. The left-handed phenom matches fellow Heisman candidates including Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Running back Toby Gerhart of Stanford exploded onto the scene a little late in the season. But with no candidate running away with the trophy, it’s really up to how the candidates end their seasons. Tebow’s push above the rest could be that he’s led his team to number one in the polls.

He’s human. Tebow couldn’t get it done in the last game of the regular season against Alabama, but McCoy didn’t look so swell either in his game against Nebraska.

A third-ranked team like Texas should not have struggled against a No.22 Nebraska. In a last second field goal, Texas was able to come up with the win. McCoy needs to get out of his bipolar slump – when he’s on, he’s unstoppable; but when he’s off, look out.

He’s Tebow. You either love him or hate him.

I’m just as sick of hearing about Tebow as the next person, but the commentators who love to talk him up every chance they get have one thing right – the guy is beyond good. Heisman winner? Check. National championship winner? Double check. All-American, among other awards? Multiple checks.

He’s quickly running out of things to win. Before he finishes his collegiate career with the Florida Gators, Tebow plans on adding a couple more highlights to his outstanding resume – another national championship and perhaps a second Heisman Trophy to keep his current one company.

Maybe the guy really is Superman.