RLC increases spring break trips to meet demand

by Sam DeardenStaff Writer

Looking for a different experience this spring break? RLC is offering six different trips for students.

These trips span the nation as well as Canada during break, March 13-20, 2010.

“We try to have a mixture of manual labor, service-learning and educational trips,” junior Megan Berlin, chapel intern of mission projects, said.

Involvement in these trips could mean helping to build a house with Habitat for Humanity or discovering diversity and learning about different world faiths, just to name a few.

Students have expressed interest in wanting to go to these places and student leaders of RLC hope that there will be a big turnout this year.

“The number of participants has increased over the past few years,” Berlin said. “We added a sixth trip last year to accommodate more students.”

RLC leaders hope more students will be involved in these trips and take away positive things from their experiences.

“I hope that after going on the trips, the student participants will get a new insight to how others live,” junior Sarah Keller, chapel intern of fellowship, said. “I hope they get a new love and outlook for helping others.”

Junior Kayla Hamilton, chapel intern of service said she hopes the trips foster strong bonds between the students who go to each place together.

“Most people who sign up for these trips either sign up alone or with one or two friends,” Hamilton said. “The chance that someone would know everyone else on his or her trip is very small. Not only do these trips serve other people…they create relationships between people who would otherwise never get the opportunity to get to know one another.”

A reason these leaders feel so passionate about these trips is because they have come away with ‘the best experiences of their lives.’

“I have gone on two spring break trips so far, one to Alabama and one to Delaware,” Keller said. “(In Alabama), I made strong bonds with the students and my eyes were open to so many things and my love for God grew stronger…I would like that same thing to happen to others’ lives.”

There is tremendous support from RLC leaders for anyone thinking about going on a trip.

“Everyone should go on a spring break trip at least once,” Berlin said. “They can be a life-changing experience. Plus, these trips are an inexpensive way to spend spring break around the country.”

The applications for the trips have been sent out via e-mail and are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.