Triathalon club up and running

by Amy JohnsonStaff Writer

A brand new club has been formed at Simpson College. The Triathlon Club was started by juniors Andrea Benson and Ethan Elkin at the beginning of the year, and quite a few students have already shown interest in the club.

“Last year, I started training for triathlons over the summer,” Elkin said. “I talked to a friend who started a club up at Coe College, and it sounded like a good idea to get others involved. Some friends here at Simpson liked the idea too.”

Benson and Elkin got together, found an adviser – Ryan Rehmeier, assistant professor of biology – and wrote up a constitution for Rich Ramos, assistant dean for student activities.

Now, the group is off and running, literally. Currently in the off-season, practices have been light for the dedicated group of athletes. Members spend their practices focusing on one of three events: swimming, running or cycling.

“We usually meet on Sundays for a meeting and then we send out e-mails telling members when the workouts are,” Benson said. “We just work out. One day will be a swim day, the next will be a run and next will be biking.”

Rehmeier said not to worry if one of the three events isn’t a strong point. Members are there to help with those weaknesses.

“People can be apprehensive about joining, saying they aren’t in shape,” Rehmeier said. “There’s no experience necessary. If you can’t bike, we have training wheels. If you’re worried about swimming, we’re more than happy to help out. It’s an open, very welcoming group.”

The club is planning on testing out an indoor triathlon in February.

“I talked with some people in McNeill and as long as insurance goes through, it looks to be good,” Benson said. “It’s open to Simpson students and we want to invite other colleges with Triathlon Clubs such as Coe or Wartburg. With the distance, that might not work. We are also going to open it up to the community as well.”

Rehmeier said that the triathlon could be both an individual or a group involvement, it’s up to the competitors.

“I’m really excited about the indoor triathlon because it shouldn’t be too scary for people who are worried about one section of the race,” Rehmeier said. “It will be very organized and we will keep track of your time. It can be individual or a group of friends, that way one member of the group who is stronger in cycling can do that, the next member can run and another can swim.”

Rehmeier has been competing in triathlons for eight years.

“Patience, persistence and determination really pay off,” Rehmeier said. “You figure out you’re stronger than what you think you are. It’s very motivational, and it transfers to all parts of life. It’s a way to challenge yourself, and see what you’re capable of.”