Recruitment efforts pay off

Recruitment efforts pay off

by Hanna RussmannStaff Writer

Diversity at Simpson College is on the rise with this year’s freshman class containing more out-of-state and minority students than that of previous years.

Eighteen percent of this year’s first-year students are from out-of-state and 9.7 percent represent minorities. The number of freshmen students coming from out-of-state has increased 5 percent from last year, and the number of minority freshmen students has increased .9 percent.

Deb Tierney, vice president for Enrollment, notes the greater amount of diversity in this year’s freshmen class and why it has been increasing.

“This year’s freshman class is more diverse than previous classes,” Tierney said. “Several years ago, the college set an institutional goal to increase diversity on campus. Since that time, we have seen the results of our diversity recruitment efforts reflected in the entering classes.”

Tierney also mentioned how recruitment efforts have popularized all that Simpson has to offer.

“Our recruitment efforts are providing an enhanced awareness of the quality academic programs Simpson offers, as well as the many opportunities for involvement on campus,” Tierney said.

Tiffany Berkenes, assistant director of Admissions, also holds Simpson’s increased recruitment efforts, especially those out-of-state, responsible for the greater diversity of incoming classes.

“Myself and admissions counselors Brenna Stoffa and Sara Cowden spend approximately eight weeks in the fall and spring traveling throughout the surrounding states, as well as Colorado and Arizona working college fairs, visiting high schools and families, hosting open houses and van trips to campus,” Berkenes said.

“We also talk with guidance counselors who are eager to learn about more post-secondary options for their students. Thankfully we have tremendous support from President Byrd, Simpson faculty and coaches, other Admissions staff members and student ambassadors who help us with this effort.”

Freshmen Keely Goshia is an out-of-state student from Colorado and decided that Simpson was a good choice for athletic and scholarship opportunities.

“I was recruited for swim team,” Goshia said. “The coach e-mailed me. I was going to go to Northern Colorado, but a lot of coaches e-mailed me. For some reason I e-mailed Coach [Aaron] Strain back, and I was like, ‘I don’t think I will be able to afford to go out of state this year.’ Scholarship opportunities definitely helped.”

Goshia also believes that diversity is important at Simpson.

“There’s diversity and I didn’t think that it was that important, but I’ve come to realize that it’s good to have the diversity,” Goshia said. “All the different views and opinions are good to have. It’s not super diverse like the schools in Denver, but for Iowa I wasn’t expecting this much diversity.”

Freshmen Antonio Rayes is a Hispanic minority student. Rayes chose Simpson for the many opportunities it offers.

“I got the opportunity to come here because of scholarship, so I decided to come.,” Rayes said. “I also like the small school.”

Rayes believes that for a private college, Simpson could have some more diversity, but despite that, Rayes believes Simpson is very welcoming to minorities.

“I feel like I get a good vibe from people,” Rayes said. “I feel like it’s a very comfortable school, and I don’t have to worry about being judged.”