Wellness fair promotes healthy living

by Sam Dearden/Staff Writer

The fifth annual Wellness Fair is today from 11 to 2 p.m. in Hopper Gym. The fair will focus on promoting healthy living for students as well as everyone in the community.”There will be around 35 local organizations, some from Des Moines,” Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities and intramurals said. “They will be there to provide wellness information to people who come as well as freebies and hand-outs.”Sponsored and put together by the Wellness Life Committee, there will be many of the same booths as in the past few years. The Blood Center of Iowa, Planned Parenthood, SODEXO, Warren County Health Services and a few different massage therapists will all be making an appearance at the fair with information.”There are a lot of the same vendors and we are always excited to have them,” Darling said. “(It is exciting) that many organizations are coming together all with the same goal, to improve one’s self.”One aspect of this year’s Wellness Fair is a survey of health that will be available for students to participate in. This is a “well-rounded” survey that covers a number of topics and is a win-win situation-who said this?. The members of the Wellness Committee will be able to use the information they receive to better student’s lives on campus. Participants of the survey will get a special prize – a basket filled with gift cards, weights, fitness magazines, healthy snacks and a water bottle.Sophomore Ali Hubbard will be a first time attendee of the Wellness Fair this year. She went to a similar event that was held at DMACC when she was a student there last year.”It will be nice to go and see what kind of services Indianola has to offer Simpson students,” Hubbard said.For several students, their attendance at the Wellness Fair will be focused on healthy eating. Sophomore Kayla Benedict has made a New Year’s Resolution to not drink pop because water is a healthier option. At this year’s event, she wants to pick up information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”I want to get fliers and brochures about things going on in the community,” Benedict said. “It would be really awesome if they had a yoga class or some dance classes to go to on a regular basis to stay in shape.”Sophomore Sara Rushing wants to learn about healthy food options that are available to her as a student.”It can be really hard to eat healthy on this campus,” Rushing said. “I am going to the Wellness Fair to learn how.”One of the things that the Wellness Committee wants their attendees to know is that the information and booths that will be featured are not just for students.”Everyone should come to this event, it is not just for your 18- to 22- year-old student,” Darling said. “It is for staff, faculty and everyone in the community to receive as well. It is important for everyone to be aware and lead healthy lifestyles.”