Simpson: The end is coming…why did no one call?

Simpson: The end is coming...why did no one call?

No one called for help. Not a single soul. Trapped on a ski lift? Silly but true.Is it ending? It could be. 2012 looms only too close, as we hang on the precipice of the doom. The shaking, the quaking. The buildings tremble, as if to give a warning of the events to come. They quiver in fear, falling down on their builders, and in a feeble attempt to protect all they once held, they clench their teeth and lock their joints for a final stand. Your heart is locked up, wrapped in chains. Why has still no one called? It’s anti-consumption at its finest. As the fear creeps up, the anxiety seeps into your bones. You stiffen up, watching as the truck speeds toward you. You ran as fast as you could, trying to outrun the end. But the end comes when it wants. You walk the world, roaming for the key. The solution to skip the end, a glitch in the hole of time for you to slip through and escape the fate. Maybe it’s your destiny. But can you choose your destiny? You could be my brother and I your sister. With Kobe at the helm we’re bound to go down in history. Forty-plus point games are no problem. Just make the call. We’ll rock this city until it rocks itself; we’ll distract the masses. We’ll add firewood to the fire, but at least the end will go down with all the gumption such a crisis deserves.It’s not fighting lies with lies, it’s stretching the truth to deter the slow onset of depression. Or maybe it’s a quick onset, but then we’ll just have to act quick. It’s not sending them on a treasure hunt for the fountain of youth; we’re taking them to their happy place.  Give them a reason to live their final days and live them loud. Confused? You should be, it’s the end of you as you know it, the end of you as you’ve always needed it. And if we can’t curb the onset of our failing, the Mayan prediction will most assuredly come true. Why didn’t anyone call? Or better yet, why didn’t anyone tell you what was happening—to you? We’re at the pinnacle of transformation. Why has no one called in the troops? We need someone to teach us how to fight.  We need someone to teach us how to love. We need someone to teach us how to fight to love. To love what’s here, now. We can’t contain the tsunami but we can roll with the tide. Let it carry you to you, to what you allow destiny to dictate or what you dictate your destiny to be. So do you believe it?  The myth seeks to prove itself, loving the fact that everyone loves Rumor. You can fightthe change. You can fight with the change. But either way, you have to fight you, with you. You may not feel it yet, but the change is coming, I promise. Eek. Graduation. Enjoy.