Hagerty: Students lucky for variety of athletic options Simpson offers


Many college athletic departments around the nation are feeling the effects of the recession as they are being forced to make budget cuts.The University of Vermont eliminated softball and baseball, affecting 43 students and six employees, in order to decrease a million-dollar gap between their revenues and expenses.

Western Washington University dropped its 105-year-old Division II football program in order to keep its less-costly sports programs.

The University of Northern Iowa dropped baseball in 2009, saving their athletic department around $400,000.

These eliminations might seem like the best idea to these colleges, but I am glad Simpson does not feel the need to make these cuts yet and hopefully won’t any time in the near future either.

A lot of Simpson’s respect is earned through its athletic department, and it would be devastating if any program should ever be cut.

As a Storm athlete, I am proud that Simpson finds all athletics to be important and a necessary component in its student’s lives.

To me, athletics has a way of building a college. It brings the community, college faculty and all students together to support one name.

Walking around campus, it’s hard to miss the large number of Storm T-shirts that support at least the Storm teams.

Of course, we can’t forget another important and fun time of the year when hundreds of people gather to watch the Homecoming game on that Saturday afternoon in October.

Then, there is just something about a large cheering crowd during a close game that brings a sense of spirit and teamwork to a college community.

These are all things that could be lost if any athletic team was to be eliminated.

It’s definitely something that I don’t want to see happen, especially to Simpson.

It feels good that the school seems to share my position on this subject.I am not only proud that Simpson has chosen to keep its athletic programs, but that the school has chosen to keep the fitness classes offered through Intramurals as well.

These classes are great for all students’ minds and bodies. I personally love the classes because they are good study breaks and great stress relievers.

These classes provide multiple opportunities for both athletes and non-athletes to stay fit.

If these classes were cut, students’ exercise opportunities would be affected as well as their checkbooks.

Students would have to spend hundreds of dollars at other fitness centers in order to attend group fitness classes. The cost of these classes normally range anywhere from 50 to hundreds of dollars. The fact that Simpson has kept a good selection of free fitness classes shows how much the college values good health for all students.

Any physical activity, whether it be sports, fitness classes or simple use of the college weight room, is important for any student.

Simpson seems to stand by this position or else I am sure these classes and many other athletic cuts would have already been made.

So, thank you Simpson. Thanks for acknowledging that athletics are necessary in the college setting and for understanding that good health should never be considered a maybe, but always a must.