FlipSide Face: Macy Koch

 Think your life is busy? Try being involved in six or more activities on Simpson’s campus, working three jobs and holding a position as Student Body Vice President.

Junior Macy Koch really seems to do it all and loves every minute of it.”I really enjoy what I do so it makes it worth all the time requirements,” Koch said.

Koch is a native of Mechanicsville, Iowa and is majoring in integrated marketing communications with a creative emphasis with math and marketing minors. After meeting Professor of Mathematics Rick Spellerberg through the math club at her high school, math was actually what led Koch to Simpson in the first place.

“He came to my high school multiple times and was always super enthusiastic,” Koch said of Spellerberg. “He definitely sparked a lot of my interest for Simpson and then when I visited a lot of schools I found myself comparing everything back to Simpson, so for me it was never really a hard decision.”

Koch is making her mark in organizations such as the CAB, Student Government Association, and Kappa Kappa Gamma, just to name a few. Sophomore sorority sister Autumn Girres feels fortunate to have Koch as a friend.

“It’s great knowing Macy because she is always in the know,” Girres said. “I am able to get information and suggestions from her anytime.”Of all her activities, Koch especially enjoys her time spent serving on SGA.

“I’ve met so many people and have learned so much from my interactions with them,” Koch said. “It’s also great because I work with a great senate and it’s neat to see change happening at Simpson and to know that I’ve had a part in that.”

The two people she has learned from the most, however, are her parents. 

“My parents have always been extremely involved,” Koch said. “Both are firefighters and both have other jobs that they work very hard in as well.”Koch’s parents have been huge role models to her and inspire her to get involved by how they live their own lives.

“My mom actually had four part time jobs at one time but she always said that she didn’t need those jobs,” Koch said. “She enjoyed what she did so it didn’t feel like working. I’m the same way.”

Jobs do not seem to be hard to come by for Koch. Although she already works at Scheels and manages Holy Grounds Coffee Shop, she recently landed a spring and summer internship at Blue Compass Interactive in Des Moines as a project manager intern. Junior sorority sister Rachel Mooty is happy for Koch and believes that many great things lie ahead for her.

“She is dedicated to everything in her life and she is driven to succeed,” Mooty said. “I know whatever path she chooses to take in life she will accomplish many great things.”