New Pizza Ranch caters to all tastes

by Sam Dearden/Staff Writer

I had never been to Pizza Ranch before this assignment and I was unsure of what to expect. I had heard mixed reviews of the restaurant and the food. Overall though, my visit was worthwhile and I would definitely go again.

A friend and I went to the newly constructed Pizza Ranch on Jefferson Way Thursday night. We walked in and paid for our meals. The buffet meal was $9, a reasonable price for all the food you’re given.

There were four main buffet lines, the first of which was a soup and salad bar. The salad bar was pretty basic but there were many toppings to satisfy everyone. The soup was broccoli cheddar flavor, which my friend decided to try and she said that it was “decent.” I feel it would have been better if they offered a different kind of soup because I don’t care for broccoli cheddar.

The next buffet consisted of pizza and breadsticks. The cheesy ranch breadsticks were my favorite item out of everything I had. The pizza, on the other hand, not so much. Named after different things one might see in the west such as the “Roundup,” “Bronco” or “Trailblazer,” the pizza was slightly disappointing. I had one slice and went back up to the buffet line.

The third line contained many home-style flavors, including fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. This was most definitely my favorite line to go through. The chicken was tender and the breading really crispy on the outside. The mashed potatoes and gravy had a great flavor as well. I really felt as though I was eating at my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving.

The last buffet line was dessert. There was what Pizza Ranch calls “Cactus Bread,” which was a dessert pizza with frosting and sweet crumbles on the top. There was also a peach dessert pizza made the same way as the “Cactus Bread” but with peach preserves. These desserts were delicious and I wished I had not been so full from everything else to have more than one piece.

In addition to their buffet lines, Pizza Ranch also offers take-out and online ordering for those who would like to eat on the go. These options are very convenient, especially for college students who don’t like to leave the comfort of their dorms to eat.

I was pleased for the most part with my experience at Pizza Ranch and all the food that was offered. There are many items that would appeal to both kids and adults with varying tastes. Overall, I would have to give Pizza Ranch four out of five stars.