From the desk of the editor: Relax, just get creative


by Kelsey Knutson

As some of you know, I agreed to be the Editor in Chief of The Simpsonian. With that role comes responsibility – and if you know me then you know how I am with responsibility.

Not good. 

I was, and still am, that kid that broke and lost every item I ever owned. I can barely keep track of myself, my daily schedule or my list of “to-do’s.” How am I going to be in charge of an entire group of people? To attest to that, I should point out that just this week I’ve misplaced my student ID not two, not three, but four times. I had been looking for my iPod for two days and just found it this morning, and my cell phone screen is cracked in every imaginable way.

So it’s not a surprise that sometimes I have to ask for help. 

This week I went to my friend and layout editor, senior Ryan Franker, and asked him for some advice. I expected him to walk around to my side of the computer and show me how to fix my problem. 

I wanted him to sugar coat an optimistic response to my temporary dilemma. He did neither. Instead, he gave me some really good advice.

“Get creative,” he said. 

I realized shortly thereafter, that those two words could be applied not only to my struggles as editor, but also to my challenges in the classroom, at work and in life. If I meet an issue face-to-face and square off with it head-on, I will always win if I “get creative.”

Despite my desire to throw my arms up and get angry at Franker, which I know many on this college campus have done if you’re friends with him – I shrugged my shoulders. “Okay, I’ll give this a shot.”

Yeah, I’m going to jump on that bandwagon and talk about going into my final semesters at Simpson College, or what should be my final semesters at Simpson College. 

My experience at Simpson hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies. I’ve struggled. After I made it past a few Friday 8 a.m. classes, some Pfeiffer lunches and challenging cornerstone courses, there were still obstacles ahead. 

I decided to set aside a lifetime love of sports, I ventured out to the East Coast for an entire semester and oh yeah, agreed to be the gosh darn editor of The Simpsonian. 

But I’m ready. 

These past three years have prepared me for my final “go-round.” As many have said before me, this year is going to be the best one yet. 

One thing I’ve learned is that nothing gets easier. However, things can go more smoothly. The proper preparation combined with enough effort will ensure success, and my professors and mentors at Simpson have gone above and beyond in showing me the way. 

In many ways this semester may be the toughest one yet. I may not be 1,000 miles away from home, but I’m definitely 1,000 miles away from my comfort zone. I am unorganized, being pulled in multiple directions and in dire need of Margarita Monday. I edit make-believe stories in my dreams, scan everyday products for Associated Press style goofs and go to bed early for my busy tomorrows. 

Well, I guess I’ve always gone to bed early. 

Anyway, here’s to responsibility and immaturity, growing up but acting childish and working hard but having fun. Here’s to “getting creative.”