KKG member shares opinion on parking issues

KKG member shares opinion on parking issues

by Jessica McBroom

When I moved into the KKG house this year I knew in advance that I could not park in our parking lot. This is because there are limited spaces in the lot behind KKG and we use a points system for parking in it. The girls who did not make the cut usually park in front of the house on E Street.

Now that the construction is underway, we have to park in either the Buxton and Picken parking lot. Since many students live in those residence halls it is hard to find a parking spot that is not already taken. Our last resort is to park in the fraternity parking lot and that is quite a hike for us to make to and from our cars everyday for a whole month.

We have been told that it is a safety precaution so that nothing harms our cars. I am grateful because I would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to my car, but I think the street is far enough away from the construction that our cars would be fine.

The point I am trying to get across is that we had one of our privileges taken away for too long and I think we deserve it back. They should have completed the construction during the summer while all the students were still at home so we could have avoided this problem all together.